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This page provides Service Lamp customers and our colleagues with useful tools and information about lighting. We include links covering some basic lighting issues but do not suggest this is a complete list.Service Lamp is not responsible for the content of sites we link to nor do we necessarily endorse the company, their products or their services.

Basic Lighting Links

Lighting Basics provides links for types of lighting and lighting characteristics such as color rendering and color temperature. You will also find links to lighting terms and their definitions. Following the answers to these questions we put it all together with links to lighting articles on the web.

Light bulbs use different technologies to generate light not just heating a filament. Don Klipstein's Web Site provides all the basics for each type of bulb.

About Retail Store Lighting

Service Lamp has furnished a number of articles on retail lighting for publication in Furniture World magazine. Links (below) to articles for the furniture segment of the retail industry provide easy access to fundamental concepts of retail lighting.