School and Classroom Lighting

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School and Classroom Lighting

Educational establishments fulfill a unique role in society; as places of learning, belonging, and community. From public schools to universities, cost-effective LED lighting can enhance the learning environment, help students feel safe on campus, and strengthen a school's brand and reputation.  The combination of LED lighting and now UVC/ anti-bacterial and Anti-Viral lighting can make the space safe and comfortable for students and teachers.

Increase safety

  • Uniform LED lighting minimizes shadows and improves visibility
  • Adjust light levels to respond to a variety of situations on campus

Build brand

  • Improve quality of life for students, staff, and visitors
  • Stand out with a well-illuminated campus
  • Enhance student learning and well-being

Improve sustainability

  • Support green initiatives with sustainable LED lighting
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Use light only where and when it is needed

Classroom Lighting Controls

Lighting controls play an important role in new building lighting. Controls harvest daylight by dimming electric lighting when possible. Dimming also provides an appropriate light level for the use of audio-visual equipment or quiet time for the younger set. Even the simplest control, an on-off switch, can save 8% to 20% per year in lighting cost. The benefits of effective lighting in our school are enormous and include:

  • Energy Conservation
  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Lower Maintenance Cost

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