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Hospitality Lighting

Service Lamp has provided replacement light bulbs and lighting services to the hospitality industry for decades. Whether the business is a single restaurant serving a local market or a national chain Service Lamp can meet the demands of hospitality business and more importantly your guests.

Meeting the needs of hospitality guests is an important part of hospitality lighting. Lighting defines the curb appeal of the business and the ambiance of the interior. Lighting hospitality businesses is part scientific and part artistic to make sure guests feel welcome, comfortable and a desire to return.

Hospitality Lighting Projects

Service Lamp has met the needs of locally operated lodging and national chains. Lighting needs to be effective and efficient regardless of the situation. Hospitality lighting includes indoor and outdoor lighting requirements for:

  • Restaurant Lighting
  • Fast Food Chain Lighting
  • Hotel and Conference Center Lighting
  • Club and Resort Lighting

We help hospitality managers reduce electric consumption, lighting procurement costs, and heat load. These actions toward lighting efficiency improve the bottom line.

We are always aware that lighting sets the stage for a positive guest experience. A safe and secure exterior with warm interior lighting at appropriate light levels make quests feel comfortable. Anyone who has traveled has seen slow starting, strange looking compact fluorescent lamps is guest rooms. Those lighting conditions do not build customer loyalty.

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