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Service Lamp maintains an inventory of more than 1,500 different light bulbs. Bulbs that are not stocked can be obtained quickly from major and specialty manufacturers. Service Lamp can serve as a single source for all your lighting needs including replacement lamps, lighting ballasts and lighting fixtures.

Replacement light bulbs include ceramic metal halide, compact fluorescent, fluorescent, halogen, high pressure sodium, incandescent, metal halide, and outdoor lighting, low voltage bulbs.

Business by the Case

Service Lamp can meet your requirements for retail lighting products and services whether you have one store or hundreds of stores coast to coast.

Chain store replacement bulb programs ensure that all stores get the right product at the right price.

  • Stores can order only approved products for delivery to designated locations.
  • Billing can be by store or by consolidated report listing each transaction.
  • Ordering by phone, fax or Internet means same day shipment.

Small orders? No Problem

We have no minimum orders and take American Express, Visa and MasterCard. Bulbs by the case get free freight. Sales Tax is added for certain states where we have business operations.

How to Buy Light Bulbs

There are several important things to know about buying replacement light bulbs. Most important is buying light bulbs from a company that understands lighting and can be trusted to treat your business fairly. Not everyone in the lighting industry meets that criteria.

Big box stores may not have the lowest prices or the best product. Retail product is often very different from "professional" lighting products offered by Service Lamp. Retail products are often built for specific price points rather than the lowest cost of ownership. Professional products have clearly stated input, output and service life criteria that are usually a notch above retail product. Professional lighting products are build for commercial service.

Price of a light bulb is low in importance when compared to electricity consumption and service life. Service Lamp always recommends a bulb with the required light output, the longest life, and the lowest energy consumption.

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